• When Myzone sent me one of their devices to try out I’ve got to be honest – I didn’t get too excited.

    I’d seen a similar kind of thing before and dismissed them as ‘gimmicky’ and a waste of time/money.

    I’m also a bit of a technophobe and couldn’t really be arsed figuring it all out and getting it set up.

    However, the sales guys at Myzone convinced me to give it a try and I’m glad I did.

    I’m definitely training harder and more often than before.

    It kind of gets you addicted to exercising – you want to keep seeing how often you can exercise and what score you can get.

    If you miss a day’s training or get a low score you make sure you train the next day and work extra hard.

    Here’s a quick heads up on how it all works:


      • You buy your Myzone monitor and create a profile page on the portal (it’s a bit like Facebook).


      • You upload all your starting statistics like weight, hip to waist ratio, things like that. You can also upload a ‘before’ photo. You can keep all this private if you don’t want anyone else to see it.


      • You start exercising wearing your heart rate monitor.


      • Every time you do a workout the monitor uploads all your statistics to your profile page – calories burnt, effort levels, max heart rate, average heart rate etc; it also rates your workout and gives you a MEP’s score.


      • In the meantime you make ‘friends’ on the portal with all your fellow Bootcampers who have a Myzone – just like Facebook.


      • All of your ‘friends’ can see your profile and see how hard you’re working and how often you are exercising. They can ‘like’ and make comments.


      • You can have competition and challenges against your friends or have a go at the challenges we set. It’s all about scoring MEP’s points.


      • You can also post all your workout stats to Facebook and Twitter.


      • Because you are training more often and trying harder you start getting fitter and fitter. If you are trying to lose weight it drops off.


      • You can also take photos of every meal you eat and post them to your page. Obviously this deters you from eating too much rubbish.


      • Lots of exercise + lots of effort + healthy diet = Trim, fit, healthy person.

    Basically it’s a cracking little device that really helps you to stay motivated and work hard when you are at Bootcamp.

    Discount Code GCBUK001

    We’re confident that in most cases Bootcampers using the device will achieve more than those who aren’t.

    If you want one just click the link, insert the discount code and get involved.

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