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Go Commando Bootcamp – Gold Membership


I’ve been running Go Commando Bootcamp now for over 6 years.

In that time I’ve helped literally hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals. Whether that’s lose a

load of weight, lose a stone or two and tone up, or just improve their health and fitness.

But one thing’s always bothered me.

Over the years there’s been a very small percentage of people I’ve been unable to help. They’ve come

and joined my Bootcamp and left without achieving what they set out to do.

Like I said, this bothers me. As a former Royal Marine I demand high standards from myself in everything

I do. I can’t stand the thought that people have come to me for help and I’ve failed them.

My family tell me not to be so hard on myself. They tell me the reason people haven’t reached their

goals is because they haven’t turned up for the training and haven’t sorted their diet out.

This is true to an extent, however I still consider it my responsibility to help these people.

My sister said to me once:

‘It’s almost as if some people need their own personal trainer and nutritionist to ever get anywhere’

And that got me thinking.

What if I could offer this to people? At least something very similar?

So I gave it a lot of thought and put a plan into action.

I joined forces with one of my former Marine colleagues, a guy called Lorne Empson. Lorne is a

Nutritionist and has the same exacting standards as I do myself.

Now, before I go any further, I need to stress that Lorne is a fully qualified Nutritionist. He’s been to

Bournemouth University and studied diet and nutrition to degree level. Since then he’s immersed

himself in the world of psychology and nutrition for both sports performance and fat loss. He’s spent the

last couple of years working in a high end residential Bootcamp that people pay thousands to attend.

Anyway, me and Lorne got our heads together to figure out a way we could help absolutely anyone. We

needed a way to make sure we got people to the training sessions, eating properly and sustaining this for

an extended period. We wanted to give people a personal trainer and a nutritionist but make it realistic

and affordable.

This is what we came up with and what we’re offering to you now:


  • Unlimited Bootcamp fitness sessions.
  • ​Accountability – we’ll be asking you to tell us, in advance, which of our sessions you plan to attend the following week. We’ll be expecting you to attend 3 per week. On the day of the session we’ll be calling you to make sure you’re still coming. Basically, we’ll be doing everything we can to get you to the sessions!
  • Email support – you’ll be able to drop me a line any time you want and I’ll get back to you by the end of the next working day.
  • Coaching – we’ll get together as a group, once per month, for an exclusive coaching session. We’ll check that you’re doing all the exercises correctly and go through anything you need extra help with.
  • An initial, individual Skype Consultation with Lorne.
  • A bespoke, individual nutrition programme that has been written specifically for you.
  • You’ll be provided with an app for tracking and logging calorie intake.
  • Telephone support – A weekly phone call from Lorne for accountability and emotional support.
  • Email support – Need help? Drop Lorne a line any time and he’ll get back to you by the end of the next working day.

As well as all this we’ve put together an exclusive, members only Facebook page. We’ll be using it to help

and support you and we want you to help and support each other.

Full Money Back Guarantee – We’ll be expecting you to stick to this for a minimum of 3 months. If you’re

not happy with what we’ve done for you after this time you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

We’re very sorry but our Gold Membership package is now full. We anticipate places to be available

from mid-April 2017. If you would like to go on the waiting list please email and we will contact you in due course. Thank you.

Lee Stuart


Go Commando Bootcamp