Bootcampers outside enjoyingOur Bootcamps are held in parks, outdoor spaces and gymnasiums across Coventry and Warwickshire. Please go to ‘Locations‘ for full details. We operate using a traffic light system whereby members can decide which group they feel comfortable joining dependant on their own physical abilities.

Red Group – This group is basically a beginners group for people who have not exercised for a very long time – if at all! All training will have an emphasis on fat burning and cardiovascular improvement and involve very basic circuit training and fun team games. It will be our aim to give you a base level of fitness and muscle strength to enable you to progress into the Amber Group.

Amber Group – Members of this group will undergo a more intense training session and be pushed harder by our instructors. Throughout the course of a session you will be given a more testing cardiovascular workout and train every muscle in the body with a series of bodyweight exercises.When you have been in the Amber Group for a while we will be encouraging you to try our Green Group.

Green Group – Members of this group will be given a demanding workout designed to maintain their high level of physical fitness.

We have had members progress from Red Group to Green Group in as little as 16 weeks, losing up to four stone in the process. These gains are attainable with regular attendance of the sessions combined with following our nutritional advice.

Our instructors also have an in depth knowledge of the entry requirements of all the armed and uniformed services. If you aspire to a career in this area then we can help you achieve success in the basic fitness tests. We will hold regular Bleep Tests, timed 1.5 mile runs and upper body strength assessments. We will then give you the help and advice you need to make any necessary improvements.

‘If you would like to experience a Go Commando Bootcamp fitness session, please go to our ‘Contact’ page to arrange your FREE trial.’