The Wolf Run

The Wolf Run

The Wolf Run is a 10km ‘OCR’ (Obstacle Course Race) conducted over rough terrain with both man-made and natural obstacles, ie rivers, lakes, swamps, ditches, hills etc;

Do not let this put you off. The Wolf Run is suitable for people who have only a very basic level of fitness as well as those who are super fit. In the past we’ve had members of our ‘Red Group’ get dressed up in fancy dress and take 2.5 hours to get round the course, whilst members of our ‘Green Group’ have raced each other round in about an hour. It really is an event for everyone. For more info please visit

At each Wolf Run, either Lee, Sam or Earl will be there as the ‘Team Go Commando’ team captain. We’ll meet for each run outside the registration tent, 30 minutes before our designated start time. On completion of the run we’ll have a beer or two and a burger to celebrate our efforts!

How to get involved

Please take a look at The Wolf Run website, check out all the dates of the various Wolf Runs and decide which one(s) you want to do.

Click on the event you want to enter and when prompted click on ‘Enter A Single Runner’.

When prompted, click on ‘Join A Pack’ and enter the following Pack Code:

Spring Wolf (Saturday 8th April) – Pack Code = e9ebe7d0

Summer Wolf (Saturday 3rd June) – Pack Code = 3a7d6266

Autumn Wolf (Saturday 2nd September) – Pack Code = 6968dd80

Winter Wolf (Saturday 4th November) – Pack Code = c66c78a5

(Entering a Pack Code means that a group of friends can all run together in the same ‘wave’. Waves of 50 runners set off every 15 minutes or so throughout the day. If you do not enter the Pack Code you will find yourself in a different wave starting at a different time to everybody else!)

Once you have entered The Wolf Run you’ll receive an email nearer the time with our start time. You’ll then know what time to meet your team mates outside the registration tent.

This really is a great day out and we hope to see you there!