Summer Expedition

Ben Nevis

The Plan

We will depart from The Holyhead Pub, Coventry, at 0700 on Friday 30th June. The day will be spent travelling to the Croit Anna Hotel, Fort William, Scotland. We hope to arrive around 1700.

We will be up early on the Saturday morning to complete the climb of Ben Nevis. We’ll be out for most of the day before returning to the hotel for an evening meal and to drink as much alcohol as possible.

We’ll be aiming to depart for Coventry around 10.00 on the Sunday morning, arriving back approx. 19.00.

Obviously these travel timings are traffic dependent.

Kit and Equipment

If you don’t already own them, you will need to get a back pack and the following pieces of safety equipment:

1)      A complete change of warm clothing.

2)      Waterproof top and bottoms

3)      Hat and Gloves

4)      Torch and whistle

5)      Food and water for the day

You must also have decent footwear. A good quality pair of off road running trainers is the minimum requirement. Obviously you can also use these for Bootcamp.


£160 per person.

This will include your coach up there and back and two nights in the hotel with dinner and breakfast. It also includes a pack lunch for the climb on the Saturday.


This is a demanding day and not suitable for those who do not have a reasonable level of fitness. Bear in mind however that it’s not until July and you have plenty of time to train. Please do not attend if you have ongoing back or lower limb injuries.


You will be escorted up and down the mountain by highly experienced former members of HM Forces. Please note that not all of them will have the relevant civilian qualification, therefore insurance will not be in place. You take part in this expedition entirely at your own risk. Climbing a mountain can be hazardous!

How to get involved

Fund Raising And Free Places

You DO NOT have to raise money to attend any of these events. It is 100% voluntary.

However, Zoes Place Baby Hospice is the official charity of Go Commando Bootcamp. If you do decide to get sponsored to attempt any of these events, we would very much appreciate it if you could donate any money raised to them. Again, this IS NOT compulsory.

Zoes Place have offered to cover the costs of anybody who plans to raise money for them – on the condition that you pledge to raise double the amount you’re given. For example, the cost of the Pen-Y-Fan Expedition is £20. So, as long as you pledge to raise at least £40, Zoes Place will pay for your place. This offer applies to all of our challenges except ‘The Peoples Run To Remember’.

Securing Your Place

For the Summer Expedition we will have a maximum of 46 places available. These will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. A deposit will secure your place(s) as follows:

Summer Expedition – £50 deposit

So, this is what you need to do. Check out the details of all our events and decide which one(s) you want to do.

Then, take an envelope, write on the envelope your full name, email address, telephone number and the event or events you wish to attend. If you are attending with your partner/spouse you may put all the money in the same envelope but please ensure details of both people are written on it. Staff have been instructed not to accept any envelopes with these details missing. Hand your envelope in to a Venue Manager only – Lee, Sam or Earl.

Once you have paid your deposit, you may pay off the rest of the money owed in installments of your choice. To do this, just put the money in an envelope with your name on and hand it to Lee, Earl or Sam only.

You will have until Friday 19th May 2017 to pay in full for the Ben Nevis trip.

If you subsequently drop out of an event you have been paying for, you will only get your money back if we can find someone else to take your place.

In the event that we do not get enough interest in a particular event, you will have one of two options.

  • The people who do wish to attend will be asked if they want to pay a little extra to cover the transport costs so that the event can go ahead.
  • If this is not viable, then the event will be cancelled and everybody will get all of their money back, including the deposit.

As you can understand, organizing all of these events is a major undertaking. It will become a massive headache if people put their names down, then drop out, then want to change events, keep asking for their money back etc; etc; please can you have a careful think about what you want to do, check you are available on the required dates, pay all your money as soon as possible and not drop out! Thank you!


On all of these trips you will be required to share a room with another person. This may be a double or twin room. Obviously we will not put a male in a room with a female unless they both want to!

If you wish to share a room with a particular person, please write their name on the envelope you hand your deposit in in.

Who is eligible?

Any current paying member of Go Commando Bootcamp is welcome on these events, as well as their partner/spouse. If you intend to bring your partner/spouse then please ensure that they are physically capable of completing the event you want to do.

If we do not get sufficient uptake from members of Go Commando Bootcamp then we will contact Zoes Place and see if any of their supporters want to come along.

If there are still places available then the events will be opened up to the general public. Please keep an eye on our social media for updates.