2017 Events Diary

Below you’ll find the details of every challenge event we’ve got planned this year.

Now that you’ve got yourself fit, why not use that fitness to achieve things you never thought you would – from conquering Ben Nevis to running 5km to help our injured war veterans, we’ve got an event for everyone!

Quick Over View 

Spring Wolf Run – Saturday 8th April

Spring Expedition (Pen-Y-Fan) – Saturday 22nd April.

Summer Wolf Run – Saturday 3rd June

Summer Expedition (Ben Nevis) – Friday 30th June – Sunday 2nd July.

Autumn Wolf Run – Saturday 2nd September

The Commando Challenge (Devon)- Saturday/Sunday 14th/15th October.

The People’s Run To Remember – Sunday 29th October (Kingsbury Water Park)

Winter Wolf Run – Saturday 4th November