• Apple, beetroot, spinach and ginger smoothie

    Apple, beetroot, spinach and ginger smoothie

    This punchy smoothie is perfect for a morning energy boost or a pre-workout. Beetroot juice is claimed to improve blood and oxygen flow in your muscles, enhancing your performance and increasing your endurance – perfect before a Bootcamp session!   INGREDIENTS 1 apple, cored 1/2 a beetroot 1 dice sized cube fresh ginger 1 large handful spinach METHOD […]

  • Apple Slices and Nut Butter

    This is such a quick and simple snack, but it tastes like a proper treat! Nut butters are a great source of healthy fats and protein, but make sure you check the label carefully before you buy – lots of peanut butters contain added sugar and salt which make them a lot less healthy. Look […]

  • Dates Stuffed with Almond Butter

    Dates Stuffed with Almond Butter

    This is an absolutely delicious afternoon pick me up, packed with healthy fruit sugars for an instant boost and good fats from the almond butter. Just be aware though that whilst they are very good for you, these ingredients are high in calories so must be eaten in moderation – stick to the portion size […]

  • Cottage Cheese with Almond Butter and Banana

    This snack may be a slightly acquired taste…but it is a perfect balance of protein, healthy fats and simple carbs from the banana – so definitely worth a try! INGREDIENTS (serves 2) 1 x 300g tub low fat plain cottage cheese 1 x ripe banana 2 x tbsp. almond butter Cinnamon to sprinkle (optional) METHOD Chop […]