• Creamy Broccoli Soup

    Isn’t the colour of this amazing! Ready in minutes, you can just feel the goodness when you drink this deliciously creamy green soup… INGREDIENTS (serves 1): 5 x florets of broccoli 1 x large handful of fresh spinach 1/2 x cup frozen peas 300ml hot water 1 x tbsp. ricotta/low fat cream cheese 1 x […]

  • Clean Tuna Mayo Jacket Potato

    It’s so easy to make a few small changes to your diet and turn it from high fat, high carb to clean, lean and delicious. Sweet potato replaces high GI white potato, Greek yoghurt and extra virgin olive oil provide protein and good fats where mayo was packed with all the bad fats and no […]

  • Shakshouka

    This Tunisian recipe of eggs poached in a cumin-spiced tomato sauce, is rich, satisfying and delicious… and good at any time of the day! All the good protein and fats from the eggs is complimented by the antioxidant lycopene which is abundant in tomatoes. INGREDIENTS (serves 2): 2 tsp olive oil 1/2 medium onion, diced […]

  • Tuna and Mixed Bean Salad

    Tuna and Mixed Bean Salad

    A salad that can be thrown together in just a few minutes, and portioned up for a quick-fix lunch. It tastes great and is full of protein to keep you full all afternoon. INGREDIENTS (makes 4 portions): 2 x tins tuna 1 x tin mixed beans (in water) 1 x small tin sweetcorn 1 x […]

  • Pea and Spinach Soup

    Pea and Spinach Soup

    Drink your greens! This is a fab way to get through your five a day. It’s the quickest soup recipe ever to make, and it tastes so fresh and is amazingly bright in colour – a saintly lunch that can be whipped up in minutes. INGREDIENTS (serves 1): 100g frozen peas 3 large handfuls fresh […]

  • Mackerel, Beetroot and Horseradish Pitta Pizzas

    Mackerel, Beetroot and Horseradish Pitta Pizzas

    Yes – a guilt-free pizza! You can top opened pitta pockets with many combinations of tasty fillings but this one is seriously good. Mackerel is a great source of omega 3 too, which helps boosts brain power and concentration. An easy last minute lunch or dinner. INGREDIENTS (serves 1): 1 x peppered mackerel fillet 1 […]

  • Chicken, Apple and Pecan Chop Salad

    Chicken, Apple and Pecan Chop Salad

    This salad is so tasty and brings a different flavour in every bite! A perfect dish to make in advance and portion up for packed lunches INGREDIENTS (makes one large or two lunch sized portions): 1 x chicken breast 1 x medium carrot 1 x small tin sweetcorn 1 x small red apple 1/2 x […]

  • Carb-free Turkey Wraps

    Carb-free Turkey Wraps

    INGREDIENTS (serves 1): 3 x slices thick cut carved turkey (best from the deli counter) 1 x large handful cubed butternut squash 3 x heaped tsp ricotta cheese 6 x cherry tomatoes 1 x handful baby spinach METHOD: First, place the butternut squash in a plastic tub with a tsp water and microwave for 4 […]

  • Roast Beetroot, Lentil and Pecan Quinoa Salad with Goat's Cheese

    Roast Beetroot, Lentil and Pecan Quinoa Salad with Goat’s Cheese

    A great salad to make on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy for lunches throughout the week… INGREDIENTS (serves 2): 2 large raw beetroots 2 cloves garlic 50g puy lentils 50g quinoa 1 small red onion, thinly sliced 1/2 tbsp. olive oil 1/2 tbsp. Dijon mustard 1/2 tsp. red wine vinegar 50g pecans, toasted and roughly […]

  • Grilled Aubergine Salad with Tahini and Honey Dressing

    Grilled Aubergine Salad with Tahini and Honey Dressing

    Aubergine is a great vegetable to use in vegetarian or vegan dishes as it is meaty in texture and flavoursome so really feels satisfying. The addition of tahini (sesame seed butter, available in most supermarkets) and honey¬†give this light salad a real richness and depth of flavour. INGREDIENTS (serves 2) 1 x aubergine 1/2 packet […]