Success Stories

Iain Adamson

Can now do things he thought impossible just a few years ago, Joined February 2012.

“Before I joined Go Commando Bootcamp I hadn’t done any exercise since leaving school 30 years ago. I weighed 21stone 7lbs, had a 48 inch waist and struggled to reach down to put my socks on. I also had health problems such as high blood pressure and suffered from sleep apnea.”

ian shrunk (3)

“I needed a push, a type of exercise that would help me to turn things around. When I saw a Go Commando Bootcamp session taking place, whilst out walking my dog, I decided that this might be the help I was looking for, and made a commitment to myself to give it a go.

It was really hard to start with but I was offered lots of support which empowered me to push myself just that little bit more at every class. I made it compulsory that I attended 3 to 4 sessions a week, so it just became part my routine. As a result I have so far lost 7 stone 12lbs so far and my waist line is now 34 inches, I am infact, fitter now than I have ever been as an adult. My blood pressure has also improved so much that my doctor reduced the strength of my medication and is hoping to take me off it in the near future, and I no longer suffer with sleep apnoea.

My new healthy lifestyle also means that I no longer feel tired and lethargic and I wake up each morning feeling invigorated.  Over the past few years I have improved my health and fitness beyond what I thought was possible .. I’ve even taken part in a 5Km Poppy Run and a Wolf Run, a fantastic achievement for me. I will also be doing a sky dive with 20 fellow Bootcampers in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support in August,  a dream of mine, but something I thought I could never do because of my weight.

The help and encouragement of the instructors and my fellow Bootcampers at Go Commando has kept me going and the variety of the sessions had made exercising fun.  I would recommend Go Commando Bootcamp in a heart beat.”

Sarah Betteley

Reclaimed her confidence and figure after having two children, Joined 2011

“Like many women out there I found myself the wrong side of 25 with two small children that took up all of my spare time and I would wonder how I ended up so unfit and heavy. I had tried gym’s, gym classes, everything,  but I  needed something that I could stick with to sort myself out. I knew finding the time to go wouldn’t always be easy with family commitments but I needed some time to focus on me again.”

Sarah Betteley pic“I joined Go Commando Bootcamp at the end of 2011, 8 months after my youngest was born, I started twice a week in the Red group. The first few weeks really hurt, I ached for days and didn’t recover from the Tuesday session in time for the Thursday. But once this passed I started to feel better in myself, I had more energy so I could push harder with the exercises. In nine months I progressed through to the Green group attending 2-3 sessions a week. I really felt motivated to go as my friends were there and it was some much needed me time. I found myself organising my life around making the sessions.

In the first year I lost a stone in weight, my body shape completely changed and I got a lot fitter all without changing anything else. Six months ago, having just hit the big 30, and with a wedding looming I decided to have another push to get back to where I was before the children came along. I started jogging and being careful about what I ate and with some great support from everyone at Bootcamp I lost another 2 stone, dropped to a size 10, and am thinner and fitter than I was at 21.

I have also made some great friends and done things I never thought I’d be able to do, including taking part in a half marathon. The Instructors always know how to push you right to your limit without breaking you. Joining Bootcamp has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, it’s transformed how I look and my attitude to life”.

Ryan Edmunds

Down 7 stone, Joined July 2012

“When I joined Go Commando Bootcamp I weighed almost 20 stone, I felt tired all of the time and I wasn’t able to run around with my children for more than five minutes.  I didn’t want to go to theme parks because I felt embarrassed and worried that I wouldn’t be able to go on the rides, I struggled to buy clothes because the choice was very limited and I absolutely hated having my photograph taken.” 

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“I had to find an exercise plan I could stick at, I had tried the gym, cycling and exercising at home but I couldn’t keep to any so after my wife came back from her first session at Go Commando Bootcamp excited and enthused I thought perhaps I should  give it a go; after all if she could do it I could too.

Turning up to my first session I didn’t  know what  to expect, I was worried that it would be too hard  for me and that I was throwing myself too far into the deep end but as soon as I spoke to an  instructor I felt automatically at ease. That night I went into the Red Group, the session was fun yet challenging and I was encouraged to try everything health permitting. There was people of all shapes and sizes, all pulling together as a team to motivate and cheer each other on. This was just the encouragement I needed to keep going to achieve what I thought wasn’t possible.

Since then I have attended three to four sessions a week, gradually moving up the ranks from the Red Group to the Green Group exceeding all of my expectations.

As a result I have lost nearly seven stone and more than 10 inches off my waist. I can buy clothes from whichever shop I want and now race my children to be the first in the queue on the rides at theme parks, I don’t get out of breath going up the stairs and I don’t even mind having my photograph taken!

The social side for me has also been fantastic my wife and I socialise with fellow ‘Bootcampers’ outside of group and we also go running together. I am currently up to nine miles, this Is a great achievement for me considering I couldn’t run 100 yards just over a year ago.

Go Commando Bootcamp provided me (and still does) with the encouragement and motivation I needed in a very friendly, accepting and inspiring atmosphere. Don’t think twice about joining, you won’t regret it, It’s changed my life!.”

Paul Boosh

Improved his health, Joined November 2012

“I realised something had to change when I struggled to pull my daughter along in a sledge for more than five minutes. I wouldn’t say I was overweight but my fitness had decreased over the years and I was worried about how being unfit would affect my ability to play with my little girl.” 

Paul Boosh“I went to the gym to try and bulk up and get fit by lifting weight but after a while of feeling bored and not getting the results I was after I decided to try something different. I joined Go Commando Bootcamp last November after a friend of mine told me of the improvements it had made to his health. Since then I have gone back three times every week, I started in the Amber group but now I am in the Green group, a personal goal I set myself to achieve within a year.What I like about this type of exercise is that the classes are all different and interesting and I enjoy exercising in the outdoor surroundings rather than the sterile confides of the gym.  The instructors are all friendly and work hard to motivate the group and each session is well planned with a good balance of being challenging yet fun.

I now notice a considerable difference to my level of fitness, I don’t get tired out when playing games with my daughter and even my doctor has been surprised at the improvements that Go Commando Bootcamp has made to my health.This year I have taken part in a Go Commando Bootcamp Survival Weekend, the Poppy Run and I have just booked to join the other Bootcampers’ on my second Wolf Run. As well as improving my fitness I have also made many friends, there is a really great social scene with Bootcampers coming together with instructors on a regular basis to run races, climb mountains or have a night out. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to get fit to join, I can’t praise it enough.”

Lisa Edmunds

Down 3 stone, Joined July 2012

lisa edmunds new

“I knew I had to make a lifestyle change, I weighed 11st 11lb and I was unhappy with the size I had become feeling self-conscious in my clothes which in turn was affecting my confidence making me miserable”. 

“I had tried Cycling, the Gym and Aerobics but I struggled to stay motivated or excited about the classes and consequently stopped going.

A friend of mine recommended I try out a Go Commando Bootcamp session with her, as she spoke so highly of her experience I reluctantly agreed to go along thinking I wouldn’t enjoy it, well how wrong was I, automatically I was hooked!

Go Commando Bootcamp provided me with the motivation I needed to achieve my goals,  I receive constant support from the instructors and fellow bootcampers and I have made some real friends for life along the way. I now attend three to four sessions a week and my whole attitude towards exercise has changed, I love it!  I even run outside of session on a regular basis which I never dreamt I would do before.  As a result I have gone from a size 14 -16 to a size 6-8 and my confidence has improved no end.

This year me and my Go Commando friends have completed  several runs for charity  plus a Wolf Run and I have also climbed Pen-Y-Fan mountain. I would thoroughly recommend anyone that’s thinking of joining to do so, I cant tell you how much I enjoy it.”

Jon Wood

Improved his level of fitness, Joined December 2012

“I have always been reasonably fit taking care of myself and making exercise high on my list of priorities but I wanted to get fitter and felt as though my level of fitness wasn’t progressing the way that I would have liked.”

jon wood new“I went to the gym habitually, but I became bored and felt uninspired. I needed something that would push me harder so I decided to try Go Commando Bootcamp, I thought that by having instructors on hand to motivate me I would be able to achieve the results that I was after.

I now go to Go Commando Bootcamp two to three times per week and feel in the best shape of my life. My Asthma is at the best it has ever been and I have also seen great improvements in my stamina and capacity to train at a higher level. I have taken part in similar running events to what I used to and have improved my times no end, for example in September 2012 I took part in the Wolf Run and completed it in 1hr 22 minutes but in April 2013 I completed it in 1hr 5 minutes. I recently also surpassed my personal objective to run 10km in under 50 minutes.

At Go Commando Bootcamp I have met some of the most amazing and inspirational people that support and encourage me to achieve my goals, there is a real team mentality. This must of rubbed off on me and my family because my 8 year old daughter recently completed the Junior Mud Runner and my wife, who used to hate gyms and fitness is now an avid ‘Bootcamper’ she’s even been running at 6am in the morning!

The biggest factors that keep me coming back though are the people and the feeling of being part of something. I would, and have recommended Go Commando Bootcamp to my friends.”