About Us

Go Commando Bootcamp was created in September 2010 by Lee Stuart, a former Royal Marines recruit instructor, with the aim of delivering challenging physical training sessions which are also enjoyable, varied and effective.

Lee Stuart

Lee Stuart

Go Commando Bootcamp sessions are based around the same type of exercising that Royal Marine recruits go through when they first enter basic training. With a combination of circuits, shuttle runs and bodyweight exercises a basic level of physical fitness can be achieved.

Obviously our sessions are pitched at a level to suit your current fitness abilities. Despite what our rivals may claim, nobody is ever intimidated, shouted at or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. Our instructors will always encourage you in a positive manner to work as hard as you can so that you are able to make life changing improvements to your health and wellbeing.

Our sessions work. If you attend regularly and eat a healthy balanced diet then we can guarantee you will lose weight and start getting fit. Some of our members have progressed from the Red Group to the Green Group in as little as 16 weeks and lost up to four stone in the process. But don’t just take our word for it. Book yourself in for a free trial, talk to some of our members, and discover for yourselves what Go Commando Bootcamp has done for them.


Go Commando Bootcamp instructors are all fully qualified fitness professionals from a variety of backgrounds, both military and civilian. We believe in providing our members with as much expertise, experience and diversity in training techniques as possible.

Due to our continuing expansion Go Commando Bootcamp is always looking for a few good men (or women). If you are serving or ex military, or a Level 2/3 qualified civilian who is confident in delivering group fitness sessions, then please send your CV to lee@gocommandobootcamp.co.uk